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Heated Lunch-Box Bags

We have designed and produce heating mats for the Gastronomic Bags of BRADOR. We recommend thermo-insulating heated Lunch Box bag, red with black finishes. The bag has heating panels made of conductive fibers. After connecting the bag to the lighter socket, the panels heat the inside of the bag to a temperature of approximately 50-60 […]

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Price list

RETAIL PRICES – Autumn 2018 /gross/ Welcome to the online store – www.smart.sklep.pl or Orders: biuro@smart-tex.pl     tel. +48 501-157-137 1/ Diving Heating Vest – 131,25 euro 2/Heating vest + adapter/conduit/booster valve Apex, Sitech wet connector E/O – 225 euro 3/Adapter/Conduit/ for additive valves Apeks, Sitech with E/O wet connector – 112,50 euro 4/ Heated diving gloves […]

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Smart Textiles become an element of our everyday life. Smart clothing is the subject-matter of interest of our company NETINWEST – designer and manufacturer of heated clothing. We invite you to our online – shop   www.smart.sklep.pl HEATED CLOTHING HEATED VEST   WARM BAG /click /           

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NETINWEST tel +48 501 157 137 biuro@smart-tex.pl



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