Motorcycle Heated Jacket – with a Heated Detachable Sleeve, longer at the back, shorter at the front for a better fit when riding a motorcycle/where the body is inclined, legs are tucked up /. Powered by a spiral cable from 12-13.8V voltage motorcycle/quad lighter socket. The temperature is controlled by means of a temperature controller. Black , lining under the jacket or on top – sizes S-4XL – 2 IN 1 two in one

The jacket – has 8 heating panels made of current conductive fibers: two on the chest, two on the back/loin and shoulder/and two per each sleeve. Ideal for people exposed to cold and in need of an additional source of heat, e.g. motorcyclists, hunters, anglers, people who work outside.
The jacket can be used as a lining under motorcycle overalls, we get a heated vest after detaching the sleeves. The jacket has ribbing sleeve cuffs adjustable with Velcro and a two-sided zipper.

The heating panels are placed in special pockets inside the jacket and sleeves, and they can be removed for washing time. When powered from the vehicle battery, the temperature that can be obtained is regulated within 30-50 degrees Celsius. The temperature is regulated by means of a smart switch with a thermostat, the regulation occurs in three power levels. The panels are very efficient and energy-saving and have a current protection. The maximum power consumed equals only to 50W.

The jacket is universal, can be used as outer clothing or as a liner/insole /, black, sizes S-4XL,

Polish product ,price and quality competitive to imported jackets.

Please contact us after the purchase, and specify size of the jacket.

The basic set includes:

– a heated jacket with detachable sleeves including a temperature controller

– power cable with lighter plug

– lighter socket to be installed in the vehicle

Optionally, the following can be bought for an additional fee of 99 Euro :

– 11.1V – 6.8 Ah lithium-ion battery which fits in the pocket, the weight of the battery is 288g.

– a charger dedicated to the battery,

When using the optional 11.1V/6800mAh battery, the jacket is heated without the mediation of the vehicle, battery life up to 6 hours – depending on the preset temperature /30-50 degrees/. The battery is placed in a special pocket in the right lower part of the jacket from the inside.



NETINWEST tel +48 501 157 137 biuro@smart-tex.pl



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