Innovative Heated Jacket + Heated Sleeves, after fastening sleeves we get a Heated Vest. Jacket – has 8 heating panels made of current conductive fibers: two on the chest, two on the back /lumbar and shoulder/ and two for each sleeve. Ideal for people exposed to cold and needing an additional heat source e.g. tourists, motorcyclists, hunters, anglers, outdoor work. The jacket has ribbing in cuffs adjustable velcro sleeves, ribbing at the bottom of the vest and zipper /express/ double side. Heating panels are placed in special pockets inside the jacket and sleeves, they can be removed for washing time. The jacket is powered by the Li-Ion 6800 mAh battery placed in a special pocket inside the jacket, temperature control is done using a three-level temperature controller. The temperature we get is adjustable between 30-45 degrees Celsius. The panels are very efficient and energy efficient have current protection, max power charged only 50W. Operating time on the included battery 6.8Ah to 4 hours depending on the set temperature.

The jacket is versatile, can be used as outerwear or as a backpin /warmer/, black color, sizes from S-4XL,

Polish product price and competitive quality for import jackets.

After purchase, please contact us and specify the size of the jacket.

The basic set is:

– heated jacket, sleeves unfastened with temperature controller

– 11.1V li-ion battery – 6.8Ah, which is in the pocket, 288g battery weight.

– a network charger dedicated to the battery,