We have designed and manufacture Gloves Electrically Heated. The gloves are made of a double layer of polar fleece. Insulated heating fibers are available between the fleece layers. The gloves are used as a inner lining- dry gloves are put on them. They are thin, pleasant to touch, heating fibers are imperceptible. They must not come into contact with water, slight moisture is allowed. 11-14V supply voltage, the maximum temperature we can get is approx. 40-50 degrees Celsius. S-XL sizes, Polish product, price and quality competitive to imported gloves. The temperature of the gloves is regulated by means of a smart switch with a thermostat, the regulation occurs in three levels: 100% power – red backlight three dashes, 60% – red two dashes, 30% – red one dash. The gloves have a current protection, the maximum power consumed 30W. The current consumed by a pair of gloves is 2A at 12V.