We have designed and manufacture Socks Electrically Heated for motorcyclists. The socks are made of a double layer of polar fleece. Insulated heating fibers, that are not traceable, are available between the fleece layers. Socks must not come into contact with water, slight moisture is allowed. The socks are terminated with a DC 2.1/5.5 plug – supply voltage 12-14V. The temperature we can get is approx. 35-45 degrees Celsius. M-XL sizes, Polish product, price and quality competitive to imported socks. The temperature of the socks is regulated by means of a smart switch with a thermostat, the regulation occurs in three levels: 100% power – red backlight three dashes, 60% – red two dashes, 30% – red one dash. The socks have a current protection, the maximum power consumed 30W. The whole is connected to the cigarette lighter socket of the vehicle by means of a spiral cable terminated with a lighter plug. The current consumed by a pair of socks is 2A at 12V.