We have designed and manufactured Vests heated for divers. The Diving Heating Vest is made from the outside made of a nice to the touch and durable polyester fabric and from the inside has a double lining with warmer, the whole is equipped with adjustable matching rubber and velcro – sizes S-M-L-XL-2XL-3XL-4XL. The vest has two pockets of 9x12cm and 9x16cm to place an internal battery to power the vest, gloves, etc. For power we use as standard t-dean or santi connectors.

The vest can be powered by voltage in the range of 11-12V, has four flexible heating panels made of current conductive fibers, two at front and two at the back. Heating panels are placed in special pockets inside the vest. The vest at 12V draws a current of 3.5A – the power of the vest is 42W.

The vest can be adjusted to a voltage of 14.4V – Gralmarine standard / available as an option on request /

We can connect the vest to the external battery via the appropriate adapter or we can use the internal Smart-Tex 6.8Ah battery. Heating time on 6.8Ah internal Smart-Tex battery is 2 hours.


Diving heating vest

530,00 560,00 

To power the vest we can purchase an internal diving battery 6.8Ah