We have designed and manufactured Electrically Heated Gloves for divers. Diving heating gloves are made of a double layer of fabrics: POLARTEC Power Stretch on the outside, fleece on the inside. Between the layers of fabrics there are insulated heating fibers. Heating fibers are placed from above on the entire surface of the hand and all fingers. Gloves serve as a warmer /inner/ – we put on them dry top gloves. They are thin, nice to the touch, heating fibers are undetectable. In case of water flooding, heated gloves still work, however, we recommend turning them off and drying them later. When using an internal battery, we recommend our Wireless Piezoelectric Switch.

The supply voltage of diving heating gloves can be from 11-12V, temperature 45-50 degrees /depending on voltage/. The gloves are heated as standard with waterproof connectors, cable length with 20cm gloves. At 12V voltage, the gloves charge 2x15W=30W, 2×1.25A current. Includes 2×1.2m “Y” power cable with T-Dean or Santi connector /option/ and pouch, sizes S, M, L, XL