We offer a universal electric-powered heated vest from the Li-Ion 11.1V/2600mAh battery in a special pocket inside the vest. The vest has 4 heating zones made of conductive fibers: two on the chest, two on the back: lumbar and shoulder. Ideal for people exposed to cold and needing an additional heat source e.g. motorcyclists, hunters, anglers, outsiders. When powered by a battery, the temperature we get is adjustable between 30-45 degrees Celsius. The temperature is adjusted directly with the smart battery, which has four-stage power level adjustment. The battery life depending on the temperature set is up to 4 hours. The vest is versatile, can be used as outerwear or as a backing (warmer). Black, available sizes: S-4XL. A 6800mAh battery is available as an option.

The vest was designed and manufactured in Poland. Warranty 24 months.


Universal heated vest

420,00 520,00