Heated Motorcycle profiled jacket – Heated Sleeve Detachable – on the back longer, shorter front for better fit when riding a motorcycle /where the silhouette is tilted, legs contracted/. Powered by a spiral cable from the motorcycle cigarette lighter socket / quad / voltage 12-13.8V . Temperature control is carried out using a temperature controller. Black, jacket-up plug or top – sizes S-4XL – 2W1 two in one
Jacket – has 8 heating panels made of current conductive fibers: two on the chest, two on the back /lumbar and shoulder/ and two for each sleeve. Ideal for people exposed to cold and needing an additional heat source e.g. motorcyclists, hunters, anglers, outdoor work.
The jacket can be used as a plug under a motorcycle suit, after unfastening the sleeves we get a Heated Vest. The jacket has ribbing sleeves adjustable velcro, zipper /express/double-sided

Heating panels are placed in special pockets inside the jacket and sleeves, they can be removed for washing time. When powered by a vehicle battery, the temperature we get is adjustable within 30-45 degrees Celsius. The temperature is adjusted with the help of a smart circuit breaker with a thermostat, the adjustment is carried out in three power levels. The panels are very efficient and energy efficient have current protection, max power charged only 50W.

The basic set is:

  • heated jacket, detachable sleeves with temperature controller,
  • power cord with cigarette lighter plug,

Optionally, for a surcharge of 300 PLN can be purchased:

  • 11.1V li-ion battery – 6.8Ah, which is in the pocket, 288g battery weight,
  • charger dedicated to the battery.

With an optional 11.1V/6800mAh battery, the jacket is heated without vehicle placement, battery life up to 6 hours , depending on the set temperature /30-40degrees/. Place the battery in a special pocket in the lower right part of the jacket from the inside.